Liftek Refurbishment

Depending on your budget, we can recondition or replace items and where necessary repaint it so it looks like new.

Refurbishing a machine can sometimes be a more cost effective option than buying new or second hand equipment. If your present equipment fulfils all your access needs but has become unreliable through deterioration or wear and tear, why not consider a full refurbishment.

Depending on your budget, We can repaint the entire machine in your corporate colours for that extra touch of professionalism for your business.

Irrespective of the size of the job, we will find the most cost effective way of increasing the life span of your machine. This is an investment that will really pay you back in the long run.

We can offer workshop facility which will accommodate your equipment while it is being overhauled. While this option best suits major repairs and refurbishment, it can also apply to those circumstances where insurance work is required.

Contact Liftek and discover new levels of efficiency for your access platform!